We make digital applications for people with intellectual disabilities.

We innovate with technology to stimulate mental capacities.

What is tjmapps?
tjmapps is a tactile digital application platform adapted for adults with intellectual, mental and developmental functional diversity (PAD), which aims to:
Stimulate cognitively, through adapted exercises, strengthening mental capacities and alleviate neurocognitive impairment and premature ageing.
Facilitate the right of access to technology, improving the usability and creating audiovisual content adapted for people with PAD.
Share the tjmapps platform looking for collaboration with entities and institutions such that everyone with disabilities can use it for free.
After more than eight years of development, together with the participation of some hundred users, we made five tactile digital applications (apps), personalised and adapted to the needs of usability of each person.
Characteristics of the applications
High usability, functionally tactile, intuitive and simple.


9 levels of difficulty


Notifications for tutors based on user performance.


Help and support if not answered correctly at the first attempt.


Collection of results for statistical analysis.
How does tjmapps follow up?
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