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Technology for a better quality of life!

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digital applications that stimuate cognitively!

Don’t forget to maintain healthy habits

The tjmapps platform is an ideal complement for an active lifestyle

Make friends

Create a social network. Do group activities. Join a group. Integrate yourself socially. Take care of your friends.

Stimulate yourself cognitively

Challenge yourself!
Participate in stimulating activities. Repeat what you hear out loud. Take notes. Take care of your mind as you do of your body. Dance, paint, read, laugh, meditate…


Sleep well

Turn off your phone and Wi-Fi before going to bed. Always follow a set routine: Read, meditate, take a walk… Avoid any light and noise.


Be conscious of the present, of here and now: Full attention

Do sports

Get moving!
Do short intense workouts with long pauses. Choose the sport you like the most. Activities such as yoga promote well-being

Eat healthily

Take care of yourself!
Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Drink water. Eat nuts. Don´t take too much sugar and salt. Stay away from packaged foods, pastries, processed foods, animal fats.

Take on challenges

Revolutionise yourself!
Set proposals, goals and a vision. Know your skills and capabilities. Be aware of your limits. Develop them with satisfaction.

Be friendly

Stay positive!
Keep a generous, kind, grateful and consistent attitude. Point out others’ qualities and strengths. In case of misfortune, confront it and get back on track.